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"i was feeling troubled and reached for the wrong hand and i got slighted..."

today i counted my compact discs. i have 765. this is not including soundtracks, compilations, or radiohead compact discs. fairly impressive, but nowhere near what i'd like to have. i counted my lps awhile ago, but i forgot the count on those. i'd like to have twice as many LPs as cds, but i don't even have half as many LPs as i do cds. boo.

i just watched blow with karyn, rather, finished watching blow with karyn. last night before going to see moulin rouge at the midnight showing we started watching blow. tonight makes two nights in a row she walked away before the ending of the movie. i can't do that! tonight [a wee bit earlier] we were at the metro cafe and karyn brought up the fact that she thinks i drop friends to hang out with guys a lot. i don't see this to be true at all, but it seemed like christina agreed as well. i know that i get swoony and starry eyed and whatnot, but to cold hard diss my friends for a guy i don't. i try to balance things out and yes, sometimes i take on too many things and they don't all work out. at least i try. at least i'm not like brad. i miss brad. gah i miss brad. i keep thinking one day he's going to pick up the phone and call me and ask how i've been. that would make me feel so much better and i know he'd leave our friendship again and again each and every time he got another girlfriend but i'd like to know he still gave a fuck about our friendship.

i finished reading pieces today. it was alright. out of the stories in the book, i really enjoyed 2 of them. the rest were so-so.

today my aunt said she was going to write a novel. she seemed very serious about doing this. i can't imagine this. that was my plan; to write a novel. and one day i will do that. i hope it's before my aunt.

skipping around like a school girl today. after seeing adam richman [aka adam cuomo] at the metro cafe, we came back to my house, watched blow, and i cooked some pasta. nothing like pasta after midnight. and there is nothing like knowing tomorrow is a holiday and that i am going to leave a note on the kitchen table for my mother to not wake me up until noon.

ps. jeremiah's back from seattle. yay. but he leaves for hawaii on tuesday. boo. hiss. meow.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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