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"half awake half asleep"

"he slides inside
half awake half asleep
we faint back into sleephood
when i wake up the second time in his arms
gorgeousness: he's still inside me"

-cocoon (bjork)

i went to sleep obscenely late last night. this resulted because:

1) karyn and i went to tower for the midnight sale of the new bjork + sparklehorse cds.

2) after that she came over and i made her an omelette and we put her love @ aol profile back up. using many of the same jokes as last time.

3) after she left i talked to jeremiah on the phone for a long time. my phone bill is going to be insane. his phone bill is also going to be insane as well.

i highly suggest that you go buy both sparklehorse - it's a wonderful life + bjork - vespertine [right now] if yr local record store is open. i just couldn't wait. i wasn't really thinking about it but a friend asked me if i wanted to go and i was like sure, but that friend ditched out so i asked karyn if she'd be up, which she was. i am such a dork these days. gah. i get all smooshy thinking about this boy who lives across the country. i can't help it. he's the bee's knees.

after staying up until 5? [i didn't even bother looking at a clock before i went to sleep], my mom wakes me up at 10:30 to go to the gym. i played basketball and then rode the bike for 30 minutes and listened to the tape jeremiah made me. it's very very good. he passed the mixtape test with flying colours!

after cleaning up i went with my mom to see rat race. it was seriously the funniest movie i have seen since i don't know when. i haven't laughed that much in a long time. rowan atkinson should win a gajillion awards for his performance in the movie. gah! seriously, i'm going to see it again in the theatre because it is *that* good. everyone's comic timing was right on. the music perfectly tied everything together [even tho it was the baja men]. seth green and breckin meyer added a lot to the movie. this is the first time i've liked cuba gooding jr. in a movie since as good as it gets. i don't know if it just hit me at the right time, but i'm still giggling at bits i remember from the movie. i am a nerd.

tomorrow i am going to friends and company for an interview type thingy, where they'll test my typing speed and knowledge of programs, etc. i am excited but scared. of screwing up i guess? my friend jeff who told me to go to them says that i should not be worried.

today after seeing rat race i went with my mom to the mall [oh joy of joys] to get my father a birthday present. i ended up getting him a brown long sleeved shirt. i can't remember the last time i got either of my parents clothing as a gift. i think he'll dig it tho. when i got back from the mall i went and grabbed my dad's bike and rode around my neighbourhood really fast. and i thought of jeremiah.

am i just crazy? i get all gushy just thinking about him. i'm seriously crushing for him and it's mutual. complete ga ga ness. and he lives across the country...why? i just mailed off his package on monday. waiting to hear what he thinks of the tape i made him; the goodies i stuffed the package with, etc. if the butterflies arrived there safely. get there fast USPS! hope the butterflies stay alive through the long run. emo emo emo. yes. i'm tha mutha forkin' emo poster girl. so pin me up on yr wall.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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