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"but i know it's gonna work out fine, when i see that look in your eyes..."

"i was tired of living the life of a fool
i was wondering where i'd gone wrong,
but i know it's gonna work out fine,
when i see that look in your eyes..."

-nothing can stop us (saint etienne)

mm...i've come a long way. i haven't listened to this in a long time. ever since i finally put all my cds + 7"s in order, i've been pulling out old gems + rekindling old flames long ago put out. mm. lots of mm today. i re-worked my resume today. i know that's incredibly exciting and all, but i "gotta go to work, gotta go to work, gotta have a job..." sigh.

last night i saw poor rich ones. it was really awesome. they played two songs i really loved which was peachy pie! i told benedikte + she was like "gah!" yes. so poor rich ones were great. last night during the show i realised i really don't have anyone in this city that i can depend on in a jam [like if i don't have a ride home from a club ]. sure, i've talked about that before on d-land, but i feel it's due time i bring it up again. i have gone above + beyond to accomodate [sp?] my friends. the thing that bugs me is i don't think they realise it sometimes; what i have done for them. i greatly appreciate it when people do things for me. maybe because it's so out of the ordinary for me.

i love my friends to death, but i really need someone in my life who is going to stay up retardedly late to go see some band from norway that they haven't really heard before. nat's moving, karyn's moving, alexis is moving. i'm going to be even more lonely than i already am [in the sea of people that is dc].

i really would like to move. i may end up out on the west coast after all. who knows what the future holds in his fists?

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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