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"it's so clear that all we have now...are our thoughts of yesterday..."

i woke up a little bit ago after taking a 2 hour long nap. it was very refreshing. now i'm ready to go out and no one has called me back! i had a really lovely dream about a boy i haven't even met yet. i know it involved making out in a public place. that is the first time i have had a dream about making out with someone i've never met. whack. first time for everything. i guess.

on the 4th of july i had some friends over + we barbecued, set off 3 fireworks and played with sparklers. then we watched 'saving silverman' which totally sucked compared to what i wanted it to be. jack black, what are you thinking? there is something strangely sexy about jack black. i can't place my finger on it. hmm. in high fidelity, he's just irresistible. purr! then i went out and did something i can't write about.

last night panic was fun. number of attractive boys i have always wanted to talk to, but never worked up the nerve: 2!

ooh. on the tlc tip...[ha!] a boy signed my guestbook on my homepage and he seems really nice + apparently i was standing near him at the rftc/ (international) noise conspiracy show. purr?

okay. i am going to get all dolled up. i think k. and i are dropping by reynold's before going to the wag tonight and talking to colleen.

i'm still looking for a job, btw. i had a lovely daydream on thursday night [i completely slept through kleenex girl wonder - what the hell is my deal?] about being offered some job in chicago and just being able to get away from everything here. it really seems like a nice idea.

i've got a question. can anyone tell me some good boy coming of age stories? something along the lines of *the perks of being a wallflower*, because i totally feel like reading something like that again. either that or something just really good? plz email me with suggestions, as i am in desperate need of something to read!

i just finished reading bridget jones's diary and bridges with spirit (adam voith). help me out, plz.

i will help you out: if you ever see any revolver stuff for sale, you should buy it. that is a word of wisdom from me to you. i bought this cd 'baby's angry' for $7.99 at record convergence. it was the most i ever got out of $7.99. their stuff is all great. trust me, i have pretty much everything they ever

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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