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"if a bird had one wing, it would push itself, round and round in circles..."

"if a bird had one wing,
it would push itself,
round and round in circles..."

well this is the first time that i've listened to this album with headphones on. mm. international airport is delicious. i am going to be at an airport in less than one month from now. bwi to be exact. i've got all sorts of thoughts about this - both good and bad. i know that some of the trip will be absolutely fantastic, but i am also thinking that some of it may not be. and i don't want to think that way right now. then again, it is after 4 a.m. and i think that automatically makes bad thoughts more likely than good thoughts.

i just watched 'get over it', which is *by far* the most insane movie that i can remember seeing. what the fuck was the director thinking? that teens + early college kids want to see some effed up fantasy dream sequences. it didn't go with the whole teeny bopper theme anyways. blah! k. + i actually laughed at it a whole lot, cos it was that bad! there was a fairways song on the soundtrack. i must have totally missed it during the flick. oh bother.

tonight i would have seen doves, had i had $15, which i did not. i'd seen them before, so it was not a big loss, because i thought they were good and not great. i'd been wanting to hear the webb brothers tho + they were opening. karyn said that i would have liked them. they are very pretty boys; judging from the photos i've seen. i am a sucker for pretty boys.

today i didn't really do much. woke up v. late + went to now! v. late for my shift and then came home around 7 and slept and then uploaded some photos from my digi onto this computer and then k. came over at like 2 something and we started watching 'get over it'. gah! w.a.s.t.e. of time. not really. it would have been a waste, had i not been in the mood for a cheesy movie. but i was.

ooh i totally didn't write the best piece of news here. clive wrote me after a long MIA period. i missed him greatly! he's one of the most lovely boys that i know. yes, he rules. and yes, we're going to continue 'tag team napping' now that he's back [and better than ever].

tomorrow i think that i am going to weed the garden. sigh. i really don't feel like it, but i'll get paid some cash money, which i will give straight back to my rents, because i owe them car insurance. rr. a never ending cycle. and never ending lack of sleep cycle is never going to stop.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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