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"drinking our dreams, that's all that we've got..."

"drinking our dreams,
that's all that we've got.
and the barman just smiled
oh god, he's seen it all before."

-road movie (adorable)

i've been listening to adorable a whole lot these days. dunno what spawned it. summer is the time for sparkly happy fun time songs. like the salteens. mm. i thank the salteens for playing because i would not have gone to the galaxy hut that night and met mark. who rules. and i hate wondering little things; like if he's at all interested. or not. i don't know. i am bad. because i always do wonder. as much as i would like to sit back and totally let my co-pilot take over, i just can't. something doesn't let me.

ooh ooh ooh. i have an anti-fan! hello out there if yr reading and dissecting my life into little chewable sized pieces!

this past week was crazy. lots of nuts things. natalia and i kidnapped terence on wednesday and karyn and i just dropped him off at the greyhound station. i got a lot of records in philly. stupid stupid stupid!

time for sleepee again.

ps i got radiohead tickets!

pss i love you anti-fan!

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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