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"i must've spent 30 days writing this simple melody to tell you that..."

"i must've spent 30 rainy days
writing this simple melody to tell you that
i'm over you but,
oh yea,
that's right
i'm not over you..."

-wheats (mazarin)

the best thing about working at a record store or even going to a record store is being able to pick something you've heard of but never heard and being able to put it on and listen to it. little things make me the most happy. it is better than napster or audiogalaxy. being able to sit in a cool record store and check out the product is the best. i don't do it often enough. i vow to do it more.

yesterday i went to work at now! and the pocket rockets played in-store. it was raw goodness! lili didn't even use afro stuff on her hair yesterday and it still shone! a bunch of lovely kids came by for the in-store and i took an extended lunch break to go to mexicali blues with 7 other kids [mimi, niko, bob, erik, liz, james, and jeff]. we had a good time. tamales are good! i am hungry right now thinking about tamales!

hanging out with these people i don't generally really talk to got me thinking about things. about friends. about what i want from friends and what i feel i haven't been getting from friends. i'm trying to mix up my life and not just hang out with the same few friends. because honestly, i feel like that is really part of what is bringing me down.

you can call me callous, but these things do not make me happy:

1) being lied to.
2) only being called to talk when something is wrong.
3) being screamed at and not apologized to.
4) being treated like *i* am a baby because i don't do drugs and i don't like it when my friends do.

i want friends who:

1) don't lie to me. ever.
2) call me to talk when it's sunny outside just to say hello and talk about going on picnics or whatnot.
3) don't scream at me [and if they do, they would apologize after].
4) don't do drugs.
5) [this is just a bonus] are open to hearing new music and don't shut their ears just because they have never heard it before.

i am surrounded by hypocrisy and, quite frankly, i'm sick of it. i am going to play outside in the sunshine.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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