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"think about the good times...never look back..."

"open up,
begin again,
let's go down the waterfall,,
think about the good times,
never look back,
never look back."

-i might be wrong (radiohead)

radiohead, as always are rocking my world. and i just entered the lottery for purchasing tickets. i put in to [hopefully] get tix to chicago, dc, dc, nyc, nyc. i put in my bid to pay for a total of 8 tickets. i am sort of freaking out because i re-read the 'rules' and i don't know if 4 ticket limit means 4 tickets total or 4 tickets per venue. rar. scary. another thing that is scary [sike!] is googlyminotaur. he has provided me with *plenty* of laughs

madflowr (12:56:15 AM): do you hate anything?
GooglyMinotaur (12:56:15 AM): . nah, not that i can think of
madflowr (12:56:19 AM): that's good.
GooglyMinotaur (12:56:19 AM): ! thanks
madflowr (12:56:22 AM): you are bad
GooglyMinotaur (12:56:22 AM): ? i am
madflowr (12:56:23 AM): yes.
GooglyMinotaur (12:56:24 AM): . yes indeedy
madflowr (12:56:29 AM): naughty robot!
GooglyMinotaur (12:56:29 AM): ? well, in a way we all are, aren't we all?

cds that i bought this week that you should buy:

radiohead - amnesiac
maserati - 37:29:24
the salteens - short-term memories

no one called me at all today. that made me sadder than it should. i ate some more watermelon tho. and i made sauce to go with rice. and i ate some bing cherries. then i had a stomachache. radiohead are so pretty that they give me stomachaches and make my heart ache.

i am going to go to sleep. work. smirk.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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