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"i can drive on that road forever..."

"do you know when you look at me it is a salvation
i've been waiting for you so long
i can drive on that road forever
i wish you could exist
to live on my planet...?"

-how does it make you feel? (air)

the time is correct. it is 03:45 in the a of the m. i just got home. hoping to see someone online, but no dice. i don't know what i would describe today as. good. bad. ugly. dunno. all of the above. i worked at now! today. balki + i actually went out to lunch at mexicali blues, which was really fun. he is really a swell guy + i am seriously attracted to him. there's something about him. can't. pull. myself. away. grr. more on the balki later

saw the dismemberment plan again. and at the show, unfortunately, i saw mike...the mike i mentioned way back in the day in my d-land. anyways he was looking terrible. i guess that's some consolation. his sideburns are really horrible. a lot of my friends were at the plan show. i had a great time dancing. i got disgustingly sweaty. i talked to a *very* adorable boy named sam. it looks like his hands were exxed up. i saw this boy who i'd seen at the plan show the night before. he was really cute. + he was wearing a modest mouse shirt. one of the ones that i have. the yellow one. in any case, i clammed up and couldn't talk to him. duh. story of my life.

after the plan show i talked some kids into going down to the wag...where i proceeded to see oh, about 10 kids off moc. haha that was funny. i was like "i spy..." very good time dancing. no drinks. good leigh! i am so tired that i am nodding off at the keyboard. and now i am going to sleep. to dream of a boy actually liking me.oh and because i have to work at 9:00 this morning. yip. official zombie i am becoming. time for slumberland.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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