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"and it makes me feel so fine...i can't control my mind..."

"on an island in the sun,
we'll be playing and having fun,
and it makes me feel so fine,
i can't control my brain..."

-island in the sun (=weezer=)

well last night [thursday] karyn and i went to see weezer with somewhere around 200 people @ george washington university's hippodrome. it was an awesome time, even tho they only played the 'hits'. anyways, we were very lucky gals to get in to the show, as it was ridiculously secret. it was sponsored by dc101 and only contest winners could get in. lame-o. anyways, there was bowling first + then weezer played and then there was a signing. there was absolutely NO ONE waiting up front, so karyn + i waited with a nice boy we met named adam richman. he is way cute and even way younger. gah! i took a lot of pics during the show. i wish people had been more into it. sigh sigh. it *is* weezer after all. we've seen them three times in less than one year's time. that is excellent! mm.

i have a cell phone now. i am armed and dangerous with a mad crazy plan through voicestream. cancer, here i come. ;/ i could have been at mogwai tonight in chicago. dustin had an extra ticket. too bad i did not have a plane ticket to chicago.

i am jealous of nicole + brian. they skipped work to go to the baltimore aquarium together. and i don't think they have even smooched yet. what is this madness?

i saw niko the night before last @ the carlsonics show at the metro cafe. of course, he had to be there with his horsey girl. gah. :..( i can't help it. i just feel sick when she's around. karyn thinks this is really mean of me, but seriously i can't help it. my stomach starts churning when i see them together. things are not fair.

two days of being exposed to the healing power of the dismemberment plan will save me this weekend. i can feel it.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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