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"i've lost my way again..."

"i've gotta get outta here,
i've gotta get outta here,
i've gotta get outta here,
i've gotta get outta here...
and find my way again,
i've lost my way again."

-the crystal lake (grandaddy)

i listened to side 1 of the sophtware slump record about 7 times yesterday. [as i was listening to niko say things that broke my heart]. lots of tears. on both ends of the phone line. i wonder if he is going to tell his mousey girlfriend that he was crying last night. he said he went to carlisle, pennsylvania this weekend for a friend's birthday. that friend had rented out a roller skating rink and afterwards his friends all got together and played kickball. where in the v universe do things like this happen?

my cpu is fried. i am on the "family" computer. there is a chance that all of my files [hundreds and hundreds of photographs that were never backed up because i am a moron] are lost forever. i am going to take it to the doctor tomorrow during the day and cross my fingers. plz diarylanders, cross yr fingers for me too. toes too. seriously that sucked eggs. and still sucks eggs.

ben has got me hooked on playing trivial pursuit online. i suck at it. but i won a game last night. yay for me. at least i'm hooked on something that may possibly raise my intelligence level. sike! grr. tonight i am thinking of going to see origami @ the black cat. i think that would be fun. i think i am going to now! now, because i told tim i'd be there within an hour. and that hour is almost up. i got blood drawn today. scary scary.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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