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"and i know that i'll never forget you..."

"and i know that i'll never forget you
and then it feels like i can't move
as i feel you moving away from me..."

-never forget (heavy vegetable)

i just made + ate a really strange concotion of cream of chicken soup, portabella mushrooms, a whole lotta red onions, + some spinach. i think that is the way concotion is spelled. if not, sue me. plz. i am very irritable because blockbuster got sued i had a meeting at 8:30 in the a of the m this morning to discuss policy changes. gah.

last night me, mimi, jennifer, and karyn went to philly for making time. there was a whole lot of drama that took place beforehand. and by the end it seemed like everything worked out alright. and then i remembered that 1) my gas tank was empty. 2) that i paid for tolls going up by myself except for a quarter. mimi had a roll of quarters that she said she was going to give me + i guess she forgot. i am really bad at asking for money from friends. but at this point in time, i am about $800 in debt [damn you mastercard!] + it's not getting any better. so basically for my trip up there [gas + tolls] i spent a sum of $30+ and got one quarter from mimi. jen + karyn paid the tolls on the way back, which i think is around $6 or $7. yes. i was the one who really wanted to go, but still should i be the one to pay for 70% of the expenses of going u there? i'm bitter + twisted.

i am listening to heavy vegetable. i met someone who likes them more than i do online. that is crazy! apparently there are two things i don't have. huzzah! one of the coolest things to happen because of diaryland: allen clapp wrote me thanking me for liking his song "something strange happens". rock + roll. allen clapp rules.

making time is a fantastic night. it combines 3 different nights in one [sorted - the britpop night - being the most established - i think] @ transit. it was so much fun + it was packed. and the strokes played. and i met tons of lovely people - a bunch of them off moc! and i got to hang out with kip - who rules, as i have said. i met gibby; founder of moc, thomas peter, + another friend of theirs. i also met michael + dale, saw islamicstalin cullen there + his friend mostlygone [gah i can't remember his name] as well. and sendsillynotes off the moc board came up + introduced herself too. my non-moc friend from DC, becca, was there + completely sloshed. terence came but i totally didn't hang out with him enough. he is such a hi-larious boy. i didn't meet up with rebecca because i didn't get in touch with her in time. grr. what is wrong with me? anyways, it was insane. i had a fantastic time. i met so many great people. everyone was dancing + having a great time. i am thinking about moving up there for a few months.

basically, in philadelphia, i have never had a bad experience. i'm thinking about it. nope. never. the clubs are nice for the most part. i don't like the pontiac grille. rent is cheap. i can most likely find a jobby job. and terence and i could live together. because i know the kind of person that he is + i could totally see it working. terence rules!

this diaryland entry has taken me forever to write because i am half awake and half tired so words sort of make sense to me and sort of don't. rar. cheers to philadelphia! i heart you!

sad thing: i most likely won't see kip for many months, if not years. grr. cute boys with girlfriends shouldn't be in my life anyways tho. unless i am that girlfriend. ha. tonight is upside down. the last upside down ever. sob sob. ;) i am going to listen to heavy vegetable some more right now + figure out how i can complete my heavy vegetable record collection.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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