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"what's the point of having true love...when you got saturday night?"

"do you really want a true love?
what's the point of having true love...
when you got saturday night?"

-saturday night (the starve)

okay, well i'm pretty floored. yesterday i got this tape kip sent me of his band the starve. and it forking rules. i called mimi from work [where i listened to it in the backroom like 6 times while i was counting cashola] just to play it for her. he sent me a copy for her too. it's seriously one of the best things i have heard in awhile. i really want to be in a rock + roll band. i guess it's not really rock + roll to use a plus sign for the word 'and'. gah! this tape is really rock + roll tho. ROCK & ROLL!

it's just crazy to me; that someone i know could have a band that is so good. i know a lot of ppl in bands. when yr in the dc area your next door neighbor could be an ian svenonious or ian mackaye type. i don't know what i'm saying here. thoughts are there but they're not coming out. kip's band just rules + they better come play a make-out party sometime in the future. gah! i am off to take some photos of metropolitan recording @ inner ear.

oh, another random rant: karyn was checking her email addy + reading her love@aol responses. and she opened up one that seemed really genuine + the guy liked good music + seemed nice and she opened up his pic. and i even said, "not bad". it was kind of a faraway picture. when she scrolled up to go to the next response, i caught the email address and nearly fell over. it was mike...the one person i actually met off love@aol, who i guess was the true beginning of the end of leigh's real lovelife.

after mike, i started jumping back into internet relationships, because i didn't think they'd hurt as much. after mike, i fell for douglas online, after reuniting online on moc + we planned on meeting + then he just stopped writing + calling for no reason (of course). and now he has a gf. so then i actually tried a real life relationship with paul, that began with hanging out, then making out. he (of course), flipped the fuck out on me. and now he has a gf. so then it was jonathan off moc. we traded mixtapes + phonecalls + it was swell, but he (of course) had low self esteem + decided that it would be too hard for him to maintain anything long distance even when we did meet in person. so we didn't. and now he has a gf. after paul + around christmas-time, i made a mistake + made out with a friend called dan who was (of course) obsessed with his ex girlfriend. i started talking to this awesome guy named dustin from chicago (of course) online who wanted to meet up + i had been planning on going out there sometime, but i couldn't save up the cash. i never can. i still think about dustin, cos he seems awesome, but so far away. a few months later, i made out with dan again. oops. do you want to be on leigh's crush list? a few requirements:

1) won't stop calling me for no reason.
2) flip the fuck out of me.
3) doesn't have low self esteem.
4) doesn't live in chicago.
5) isn't obsessed with his ex girlfriend.

send yr resume if you fit this description. ha! oh + if you ever stumble across this mike, fuck you. and your band sucked, btw. completely sucked. and i do mean completely. *vent vent* i'm serious.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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