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"i cried for days, thinking of a brand new day..."

"i cried for days,
thinking of a brand new day,
with you by me,
now i know i cried in vain..."

-as never before (art school)

my sleep schedule is so fucked up right now. friday night i think i went to the most shows ever [and actually saw complete sets by two bands]. mimi, christina, and i attempted [and succeeded in doing this] firstly, black rebel motorcycle club @ IOTA. wierd place for that show. phaser were headlining, so [because they played make-out party the next day] we rocked out for B.R.M.C. they are fucking fantastic. dc/northern va kids can be so fracking snobby. if a band is good then you should move a little. like the dismemberment plan sang, "they were doin' the standing still". ;( people didn't even get moving during "whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll (punk song)". what the fork was up with that. mimi + i rocked out, then we said our goodbyes + jetted to signal 66 to see art school there.

we got there RIGHT as they were starting. juanfra rules. there was some full on kissing during their set. that was amazing. there were two people in the audience who really stuck out as looking familiar to me. i swear i think i saw the boy on love@aol or moc. hah. i dunno tho. he had a really mod look about him + he was wearing a horizontally striped b+w shirt. i know i've seen this couple at mousetrap or another dance night before. but i'm just not sure where.

anywho. art school ended with 'message in a bottle' again. they do some great covers. very interesting taste in tunes, those boys have. the gallery was a very odd space. i didn't really like the art show on display there. lots of crotch shots. yipes! after saying goodbye to the spaniards, we were off to the metro cafe to see cactus patch. we'd missed the tender idols, sadly. they are such lovely boys. sigh sigh. cactus patch were good + their crowd had a few moshy types. that was sad. i am so ridiculously tired. that was that. then christina, mimi + i got back at a ridiculous hour and went to safeway at an even more ridiculous hour and started baking goods for make-out party at approximately 6:00am, which is no longer ridiculous, as it's so far beyond ridiculous. number of times the word ridiculous has been said = 5 in this paragraph. wait. that's 6. gah.

hey! erik foldskool voted me as one of the hip kids in dc. yay!

make-out party #3 went really well, thank goodness! i was really freaked out thinking that not a lot of ppl would show up, but quite the opposite happened. a lot of kids showed up + ate the cupcakes + drank the mystery punch + stayed for the bands! my fave was the echo orbiter. seriously some zany goodness on their part! i met some cute boys too! that's always good. however, i didn't get to make-out with anyone on make-out party. this is not fair. i mean, yes, i talked to balki again. very very cute boy. tho i hear from eric evilife + his gf elizabeth [who rules] that he's not into dating anyone right now. actually me + balki were talking at make-out party and that came up. he's moving to cali in a few months for grad. school. sigh sigh. no making out at make-out party for leigh.

strangest thing consumed yesterday: yo-squeeze [strawberry flavoured]. surprisingly good!

best fashion accesory worn yesterday: leopard print slap wrap purchased out of a vending machine at safeway.

fave lipgloss of the day: smackers lip frosting [cherry lemonade or something like that flavour]. i was hesitant to pick this up until i read on the back of the package "spun sugar" and it was all downhill after that.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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