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"all i remember is; how much you liked it when i ran my hands through your hair..."

"i tried to open up + let go
but you said i was holding you back.
has the last year really been as bad as that
well i know i tend to forget when you're not there.
all i remember is; how much you liked it when i ran my hands through your hair..."

-are you happy now? (sophia)

if anyone could get me both sophia albums i would love them forever. benedikte said she was looking for them. i hope she is. victor was supposed to burn one of them for me, but then again, he was never one to keep promises. his mixtape was one of my favourite mixes ever tho. and i do mean, ever.

on wednesday night i met a boy named kip in philly @ ty cobb/brmc/the strokes @ the khyber. the show was amazing. this boy was amazing. and i got all swoony wrongly so since he has a gf. i really have to stop crushing when i first meet a boy. +mad sighs+ seriously, i think that's been the reason for most of my boy-related problems. if there was just some switch i could turn off, i would do that. shock therapy!? ;)

i talked to niko on monday. he was sad. i want to know why. but i am not going to call him. anymore.

i worked tonight. i met erik foldskool when he came in to say hi to ben. :) today was christina's bday so after work we [me, mimi, christina] went to the black cat for aerialist/calibos. however, we got there too late to see lary. ;/ grr. but calibos were good; actually better than i remember. i've only seen them once before. my back hurts a lot. i want to listen to call and response, but right now winamp is set to loop this sophia song over + over. and it feels wrong turning it off. it's sad + beautiful. i have said that about another band on here before. but it's true. sophia are sad and beautiful.

as much as i go out + as much as i meet new people, i really don't understand why i haven't met a nice boy who thinks i am a really nice girl + wants to take me out and buy me flowers + take me on picnics and kiss me softly as the sun sets. i mean, dc's a pretty big blob of people, right? and i'm out a whole lot. i just don't understand it.

i'm not going to make too big a deal of this, but it deserves a mention. i talked to balki at the black cat tonight. he was really sweet + funny. this was the first actual conversation i'd had with him. and he wasn't a let down. i told him i was heading up to the metro cafe. and i told him about make-out party. he said he'd come. i hope so. anyways, the point of this paragraph is to say that once at the metro cafe, salvador offered me some wings, so i went into the back to eat. in that 5 minutes i was there, balki had stood outside the windows and looked in the club [seemingly for me]. he saw my friends and half smiled + left. that made me smile. maybe he's going to be perfectly strange with me. cheesy drums!

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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