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"on a map the gap's three fingers...but it's more than that..."

"here's me.
here's you.
draw a line between the two.
this is cartography for beginners;
on a map, the gap's three fingers,
but it's more than that...
it's more than that..."

-guess how much i love you (the lucksmiths)

i really would like to make some new online penpals. i know most of the people on my buddy list right now and i don't like that. not that i don't like my friends. it's just always so fun to meet new people. and trade tapes + pics + stories, etc. back + forth. the only people who take the initiative to write me are scary guys who see my webcam on spotlife and write me emails like "HEY, TAKE OFF YOUR TOP + SHOW SOME TITS!" i want nice boys + girls with good taste in tunes to IM me. not scary frat guy types! light up my life + IM me --> madflowr.

last night was whack. i ended up begging the rents to use my/their car. they consented. i departed, thinking i'd just meet up with tom at fox&hounds, then i decided on the way there, while rocking out to sammy, that i needed to see a rock show. even though i thought i was horribly late to the dismemberment plan, i went. i was very, very happy to hear they were still on. i parked my car and realised that i had $1 in my pocket and that the show was $5 and that i did not know where an atm was. i figured i'd see how long they'd been on before i jogged to the nearest atm. katy otto told me about 15 minutes, so i turned around to go look for an atm and bumped into a boy i kind of sort of know and i [like a complete dork] begged him for $4 so i wouldn't have to trek out to find an atm by myself.

once inside i started rocking out, by myself, and it was good. then a really nice boy [whose name i always forget] came up to me. i told him after a few minutes that i'd totally forgotten his name again and he told me and so i wrote it down on my hand. p e t e r. it's still there. barely.

anyways, i noticed that this very statuesque boy [nicknamed john the mod] who goes to my school] was standing behind me. gah! i'd met him once a few years back at a fugazi show and he came off as really conceited then. i met him again last night and he seemed pretty nice and actually fairly shy.

the show was great. :D~ i saw 2 ppl off moc. one was a boy i talk to sometimes on moc, but he was with a girl. i am seeing moc people all over the place now. hah!

after the plan ended i went to upside down. which was alright. tom is seriously getting better and better at dancing. i am amazed. he's totally learning some breakdancing moves. it's wild. after upsidedown, we [we being myself, karyn, jen, mike, slava, etc.] headed to tim's [pogo] party. quite a time. no one was there by the time we got there [3:00ish i think?]. it was fun, but it was late, so we didn't stay that long. karyn + i both had to work at 9:00. gah! i got about 3.5 hours of sleep.

"i find your larynx incredibly attractive...and i wanna hump it."

the above sentence sums up why i should probably sleep more than i do.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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