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"see your face in rays of light left behind the morning sun..."

i didn't go to work today 'cos i'm still feeling sick. i ache everywhere. for breakfast i had chicken and wild rice soup from panera. that was good. then i couched it and watched the insider [which i hadn't seen], then man on the moon [which i had]. then i decided to do something productive and i cooked lunch at 5:30. i made pasta and cooked this "chicken teriyaki" [veggie patch] with garlic and tomatoes. yea. it didn't turn out all that well, but that's what sick days should be about. if things always worked out when you took a sick day, you'd never be inclined to take them. sigh. i actually don't feel up to going in tomorrow, but by not working one day that's $80 i'm not making. staying out 'til 12:30 handing out fliers at the 9:30 club did me in last night. gar. that's okay. now i need to do some more research for my 'rents. they want me to look up burnese mountain dogs for them. i've done a lof of research so far and it seems as though they're susceptible to exactly the same disease that our black lab, cindy, was. and their life expectancy is short. tell me what kind of dog my family should get [medium/big dogs only] and why. thanks. seriously.

ps. dashboard confessional was really good last night. mm for short emo boys. a lot of ppl commented on my 'too old for emo' shirt. that was neat! okay. sick time now! bye.

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