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before i have time to think, the years pass me by..."

"the fog clears
the time flies
the leaves fall

the sun begins to rise
before i have time to think
the years pass me by."

-something strange happens (the orange peels)

this was a song that allen clapp recorded on his 'one hundred percent chance of rain' record and then re-recorded when he formed a band (the orange peels) a few years later. i like the first version better. it's wierd how things work. how different the same song can sound. same with radiohead and 'motion picture soundtrack'. the same song that i first heard in 1996 is *so* completely different on 'kid a' and it's good as well. but the acoustic version is my favourite. gah.

yesterday at now! i got:

la buena vida - eureka cd single
the orange peels - square cd
pink floyd - the piper at the gates of dawn cd
ride - vapour trail cd single
spacemen 3 - the perfect prescription cd

mm. at the end of my shifts i always have trouble deciding what to get. i've got a stack of cds + records on hold, but usually i grab completely different things at the last minute. like yesterday. two of those were spur of the moment sort of buys. i mean, maybe i bought pink floyd (8 of the 11 songs on this were written by syd barrett) + spacemen 3 in honor of the fact 4/20 was friday and seeing as how i don't do any drugs, maybe buying this music was my way of celebrating. ha!

groan! i am seriously going to be flat broke for the next two weeks. i've run up a massive credit card bill [most of it was on records], so my little credit card pal is going into hibernation until i can pay my bill off.

huzzah! last night, bliss was *very* fun. the night started out with a not so good band, action slacks, playing to approximately 5 fans. it got better when they left the stage. i had a bunch of cokes, a water, and a couple of amaretto sours; not in that order. i danced for about 97% of bliss! most of my friends came out for the night and they enticed me to try the broken puppet. ha! that's what you get when you drink a little and yr trying to impress yr friends! silly break dancing moves! even mr. ian svenonious showed up and got his dance on. bliss is, by far, my favourite night. will plays a lot of music i'd play in my bedroom, but it's more fun hearing these tunes at a club; to see how people dance! purr!

this guy who looks a little like balkie from perfect strangers was there last night. i think he's a good dancer. i also think he's a looker. *pounce* tom threw in some new moves last night. and mimi + miguel showed up late and cut it up on the dance floor. gobble gobble gobble. i danced almost until dawn and then i woke up and had to pick up sticks in the backyard. not a good thing to have to wake-up to. i'm still trying to cool off. and i'm still trying to not be attracted to boys anymore!

unless they fit my girlboy list.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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