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"you certainly looked good when you were on top..."

"if you're such a victim,
then go call the cops...
you certainly looked good,
when you were on top.
if i get the blame,
then i get the credit too..."

-ok jokes over (the dismemberment plan)

this is such a rock out song! tonight was a complete rock out night. my hair is sticking to the back of my neck. ugh! i need to shower. i saw the (international) noise conspiracy tonight @ the black cat. they were fecking amazing! and christina, mimi, and i danced and i took some crazy photos from the stage.

um, and i talked to horn rimmed glasses boy at the show! and he's really nice@! and guess what? he doesn't have horn rimmed glasses! i think i just thought he did because i'd only seen him about three times. anyways, he was quite nice and i gave him a friendship card. he actually recognized me off makeoutclub. haha! that's two times in two point five weeks that i've met cute boys who knew my face off moc! thanks moc! haha!

after t.(i).n.c. i went to see the tender idols at the metro cafe. they were also fecking amazing, but in a different way. they totally got the crowd [the few, the proud] into their set. again, christina, mimi + i danced. ya! and ra! and more rhyming words! i asked them if they'd be able to play make-out party and ian is going to get back to me about it. wahey! i am so tired. time to call ta ta terence! david called me tonight after i left the house. seriously, like i must've walked out the door and missed him by 10 minutes. and i don't know if he paged, since my pager eats every other page it seems. so. yuk. i'll look at the phone hard tomorrow + hope that it rings.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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