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"...cos it feels like i'm getting so close..."

"eyes look tired
where have you been?
i've been sitting here,
waiting for you to come in.
inside i'm dying
and i don't really care who knows,
cos it feels like i'm getting so close.
you're mine in time."

-so close (the darling buds)

i haven't listened to this record in quite some time. i dunno what prompted me to pull it out, but it's really fitting right now. gah! tonight i hung out with david again [hi david, i know yr prolly going to stumble on this sooner or later].

on the way back from chilling with karyn @ her work, i got pulled over driving david's rents' car. no good! we didn't get a ticket tho. seriously though, that car drives like a dream...

i really don't know what's up with david. we've hung out a lot since the party last saturday. like 3 times now. and we have a whole lot of fun. he has all these strange little facts stored in his head that spill out in a nonsensical fashion. i really like that. he is wildly interesting. i don't know if he's interested in me at all. i can't help but be all swoony. he's got great hair + he played the piano for me tonight over the phone before we hung out. we parted for the fourth time [in less than one week] with a goodbye hug.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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