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"my second rate poetry, just is not describe you..."

one time when i was working at now! i wore my adorable tee shirt and three people commented that they loved the band. i was floored. i haven't approached anyone because they were wearing a certain band tee shirt in awhile. i used to do it all the time. whenever i'd see someone sporting a radiohead tee shirt, i jumped out of my seat or helicopter or wherever i was, to talk to them. now, it's more common to like radiohead and it's hard to tell the die hard fans from the people who thought okc was great. the skinny tie boy, david, hasn't even heard kid a in its' entirety. i thought about letting him borrow it, then i figured i'd wait and listen to it with him. last night he came over and we listened to some crazy records and a few tapes he brought over. he is one funny boy. he brought an engelbert humperdink record over, not to listen to, just to look at. same with rod stewart. how awesome is that?

after the music, then we watched top secret, which was one of my childhood favourites. so much stuff must've just breezed right by me when i was a kid. there are erections aplenty. i didn't find out about what one was until i was *way* older. and sometimes i wish i'd never found out! ha!

i really like the way that skinny tie boy watches movies + listens to music. he gets all wide-eyed and on the edge of his seat when something exciting is happening. he laughs with his whole body. sometimes he'd look over at me while we watching the movie, to see if i was reacting to the film the same way that he was. searching for connection. i really like that. and to think, i never would have met him if my profile weren't on dot com.

today i gave old crush boy (niko) a ride to school along with the tape i made him. i really wished i'd given it to him earlier. i re-taped the ending last night though. to show that i'm getting over him. i ended it with trembling blue stars "though i still want to fall into your arms". what a fantastic song. today he told me he loved hanging out with me, that i made him laugh a lot. i want a boy who i can do more than just laugh with. i want more than one emotion.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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