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"you missed out on new dances, now you're losing all your dimples..."

"you got altered information,
you were told to not take chances
you missed out on new dances,
now you're losing all your dimples."

-i've had enough (the who)

hah. i've never seen quadrophenia. why is this? i rented a few times and always meant to watch it, but other things came up. maybe i'll just buy it somewhere. i wonder if it's out on dvd. sometimes i'll buy movies without having seen them first. because i just have a feeling i'm going to love them.

with other things, sometimes i watch and/or listen to them and i don't like them at all the first time round, but i'll hear them later and be amazed. that's what happened with modest mouse. i went up to nyc for the intel fest a few years back [now know as the digital club fest] and i went to see the dismemberment plan at the knitting factory. they were opening for modest mouse. well, the plan's set was awesome, but the nyc hipsters weren't all that into it. bradley + i [because of course, then, we were best friends] were really into the plan's set. when modest mouse came on though, i was *so* not into it. i wandered away [i think i just really like to wander, because in my last diary i used the word wander three times] because i was bored by their twangy sound. little did i know i'd be all but obsessed with them less than a year later. gah! what a dumb girl i am sometimes.

last night was interesting. i went to bliss by myself and i was actually there by myself for a good bit. i figured if horn-rimmed glasses boy was there, like i was hoping, that i'd muster up the courage to talk to him. alas, he was not, so i was alone for about 20 minutes. then nicole charming showed up with her friend bob, a boy i've seen about 40 times and never been introduced to.

nicole charming has one of *the* best dance moves i have ever seen. it consists of her robot dancing and then touching an index finger to the corner of her mouth. it's fuckin' brill. i can't even explain how much joy that move brought me last night. ha!

the crush boy with floppy hair showed up with mouse girl. i had talked to him earlier in the day and i let him know that i would not/could not talk to him if he showed up with her. and, as promised, i did not. it seems that quiet boys always wind up with quiet mousy girls. her dancing was horrible. i am a mean person. hm. quiet boys always wind up with quiet girls, but it seems that loud boys often end up with quiet girls as well. so what happens to us quiet + loud girls? are there boys for us?

yesterday i bought:

dcfc - prove my hypotheses b/w wait 7" [my second copy]
the mooney suzuki - people get ready cd
pale saints - the comforts of madness lp
snow patrol - an educational film by 7"
the who - quadrophenia lp


fun fact for the day: joy of motion is teaching a breakdancing class. tom, karyn, and i may take it.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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