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"when i'm near you my heart won't be told, it just feels what it feels, knows what it knows..."

"when i'm near you my heart won't be told,
it just feels what it feels, knows what it knows..."

-never loved you more (trembling blue stars)

this weekend was filled with insanity. on friday night, laini came over and we met karyn, jen, tom, martin, etc. at PANIC. lots + lots of dancing. sadly, horn rimmed glasses boy was not there.

laini and i left PANIC around 3 and drove up to philly. after playing lots of cds [=weezer= - s/t, os mutantes - s/t, and i can't remember what else] and 2 rounds of the pop star alphabet game, which i will explain below, we arrived at terence's beau tim's house around 6ish. this is where it all gets murky. the four of us went to the south street diner for breakfast and whatnot. i also hit up spaceboy for like 15 minutes. it was insane. i couldn't believe that i could only spend 15 minutes in my second favourite record store in the country. but we had to go pick up two of tim's friends, so i was hurried along. i picked up:

3 mile pilot - another desert another sea lp
hood - useless 7"
heavy vegetable - picture disc 7"
kings of convenience - winning a battle, losing a war 7"

i just wish i'd had more time there. we went to pick up tim's two friends, so tim's car was packt like sardines (in a tin can). we headed to the princeton record exchange, which was impressive in side + product [a load of bargain 3.99 cds]. i wish i'd had more time there, but it was getting late and i had to catch the train to new york. i bought:

*bargain cds - $3.99*
the brian jonestown massacre - strung out in heaven cd
geoff farina - reverse eclipse cd
the marshmallow coast - seniors & juniors cd
oasis - standing on the shoulders of giants cd
the up on in - steps for the light cd
tram - frequently asked questions cd
v/a - fire & skull - the songs of the jam cd

piebald - the rock revolution will not be televised cdep
radiohead - fake plastic trees cd 2
radiohead - my iron long e.p. cd 2

mm. good stuff. i took the nj transit to penn station and then took a cab to brownie's. i realised i was quite hungry, so i went to a deli down the street and got a cheese sandwich, which i ate while waiting in line for the show. i'd posted the indie pop list asking if anyone wanted to meet up and no one wrote back, so i was there by myself. once inside, a girl called rachelle came up to me and said that i'd met her at the CMJ marathon through stephen cramer. i went around met some other popkids and asked around to see if anyone knew a good way to get back to philly. i found out that the last train left at 1:30 a.m. which would mean i would miss some of trembling blue stars set or i'd miss my train. i missed my train. the harvest ministers, wolfie [who were spectacular], seana carmody, and kleenex girl wonder opened for tbs.

kleenex girl wonder were insane! straight out crazy indie rock for the most part. it was far better than the last time i'd seen them [at the cmj marathon in october]. and for their last song, they played topless. so risque!

when tbs started, everyone was silent. people had travelled across the country for this show. tickets had been sold out a month. they are one of the most breath-taking pop bands that i have ever seen. i got all emo and wiped a tear away during, "do people ever?" which is one of my all-time favourite songs. they also played "ripples", one of my other all-time faves, but for some reason that didn't get me teary-eyed. during the time that i was getting over dany, i'd put that song on repeat. i think the reason that i didn't cry is because, finally, i am completely over dany.

they played a fantastic set and everyone applauded loudly, so they came back for an encore. i wish i'd written down the setlist from the show. after the show was over, i called terence at tim's to find out how i was going to get home. he said the next bus didn't leave until 7 am. i ended up hanging out with rachelle and her friend jay until 6 in the morning. we went to a diner, sang the 'my buddy' theme song, urged jay to talk to a red pants girl on the subway and many other things that delirious people do. i took a greyhound bus to philly and arrived at 9 am. laini + tim came to pick me up, but they were late, which allowed me to witness a man put on his wooden leg. it was unreal.

we got back to tim's and rounded up the rest of the posse [me, laini, terence, tim, and his two friends who had names like sasha and sareka] went to the south street diner again for breakfast. yum! then we had to say goodbye and be on our way back home. laini was surprisingly awake and let me sleep a little which is hard to do when modest mouse - the lonesome crowded west is on because i want to sing along to every single word of it. friday + saturday combined, i'd only got 2.5 hours of sleep total, which is definitely something i can safely say i would never want to do again.

laini dropped me off yesterday [sunday] at around 4 and i called up now! to see when the 'from pop to out' festival was running til and it started late, so i made it just in time to see the end of k. and the whole malarkies set. then i went back home and passed out on the couch for all of 30 minutes before i went back out again. i picked karyn at work and we went up to the metro cafe. there was already a line. i met up with a few friends and the moment i entered the club, bad things started to happen.

first, a friend of mine gave me the evil eye [karyn noticed this too] and i had no idea why.

second, i saw an ex-boyfriend who i really really did not ever want to see again [due to some recent developments] with his girlfriend.

third, i saw a boyfriend from high school, his dad, and his sister. that was just wierd, but i add it to this list to show just how insane my night was.

fourth, karyn had to leave right after barcelona to go to a staff party, so i let her take my car, cos she said she was not going to be there long...

fifth, a boy i completely crush on showed up with a girl that he is "sort of, kind of, seeing" and attempted to talk to me, while she was right there. it just made me feel crap to think that he wants to be with this girl, and not with me. it makes me wonder what is wrong with me even though i know i shouldn't wonder that. what makes this mouse-like girl so special? maybe i'm just being cruel here, but i can't see it. i don't have any desire to converse with her. the boy tried to talk to me and i ignored him. he even tossed something at me when i turned around to talk to a friend, but i didn't look at him. i just couldn't. sometimes things hurt too much. i knew that if i looked at him while trembling blue stars were playing that i'd totally start crying. i started to tear up just when i saw his girl and i knew that if i saw him, it'd be curtains.

so i sipped on a midori sour that tom bought me and i tried really hard not to look at anyone but bobby wratten [singer for tbs]. of course, it never works if you try to distract yourself from something that is right there in front of you making you feel ill.

because they were opening for the ocean blue, i knew that they wouldn't play an encore, tho i wish they had. they played a different set last night than they had the night before. i actually liked the show the first night more, because people were just *so* into it that it made me all the more into it. and night one i wasn't having a crap time.

when their set was done, i quickly jumped outside so that the crush boy wouldn't try and talk to me with mouse girl in tow. i borrowed tom's cell phone to call karyn to see when she was coming back, because at this point all i needed was to get home. she didn't pick up her cell and no one picked up at her work, so this got me even more down. and to make matters worse, ex boy wandered out with his gf and i flipped him the bird...well i flipped his back the bird.

sulking, i wandered back inside after tom left and saw part of the ocean blue's set, which i wasn't that impressed by. i could only take it for about 10 minutes when i asked someone if i could use their phone to call karyn again. i wandered outside to get a signal and somehow i had completely forgot what karyn's work number was, so i called her cell and left a pathetic sounding msg something like this: "i'm having such a miserable time here. please come pick me up as soon as possible. thanks." and as i was turning the phone off, crush boy + mouse girl walk through the door. he taps me on the shoulder, saying hello, and i blow him off again and walk inside. another 10 minutes tick by and i head outside again, to look for karyn, and there's bobby from tbs sitting by himself.

i've read a few interviews with him saying that he's painfully shy and doesn't know what to say when people approach him, so i took that into consideration when i went up to say hello. we ended up having a really good conversation about rock stars and no-nos of being a rock star [which tbs are *so* not] and veganism [he is, i'm not]. he was exactly the kind of person i'd hoped that he would be. he has no idea how incredible his songs are. he is that modest. we arranged to do an interview through snail mail, as he doesn't have e-mail. talking with bobby really cheered me up, because he turned out to be just as nice as the songs that he pens the words to. karyn showed up and we left fairly soon after that. and i checked my email, then hit the hay. i called in to work this morning to see if i was on the schedule. i wasn't but i was supposed to do some training video, but i called in saying i would do it later when my mom reminded me that i had a funeral to go to.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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