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"since you've been gone, i've been laying at home, on the radio..."

"since you've been gone,
i've been laying at home,
on the radio..."

-my cloud (masters of the hemisphere)

once in awhile you find a song that you love so much that you play it over and over again. way back in september 2000, les, laini and i went to see modest mouse at sher-wes gardens [a bingo hall in dundalk, maryland] and after the show, which i completely rocked out to, we dropped laini off and proceeded to play 'heartbeat' by tahiti 80 about 15 times in a row. right now i am fixated on what a good song 'my cloud' by masters of the hemisphere is. so far this morning i've played it about 5 times. if something is lovely, i simply do not get sick of it. if a person is lovely, i will stay out until 7 in the morning, just to be with them. breaking rules, breaking my sleep pattern, breaking new shoes in, and eventually breaking my heart. the difference between people and songs is that the songs don't let you down and that people, inevitably, do.

horn-rimmed glasses boy was not at wax last night. panic tonight, perhaps? after panic, i'm off to philly in the *early* a.m. and then to nyc tomorrow afternoon.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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