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"'cos up in heaven, you're a shoe in, if you open up your heart to me..."

"'cos up in heaven,
you're a shoe in...
if you open up
to me

-shoe in (the secret stars)

i'm amazed because someone i sort of know has been to my diaryland! this boy eric who i know from mousetrap, the wag, + whatever other dance nights i've talked to him at, stumbled upon my diaryland and signed my guestbook! i don't feel so anonymous now and that actually makes me feel good. i actually danced with him at the mousetrap on saturday night. i just went and read all of his diaryland entries. it is the absolute *strangest* thing to read about someone's life when you only sort of know that person in real life. it's even more strange than reading someone's diary when you don't know them at all. i guess it's because you only see them once in awhile and you make assumptions about the type of person they are. for instance, i *never* would have figured that eric worked at a bike shop + drives a zamboni. this is something i could not picture. sure, the boy can tear it up on the dance floor and pull off a moz-like hair style, but wow, there's more to this boy than i'd ever guessed! i bet a lot of people who see me at the mousetrap sipping on a midori sour and dancing like crazy would never guess that i work as an assistant manager at blockbuster [or that i've worked there almost 5 years now] or that i sleep with a stuffed animal [his name is santa mouse]. see! there i go revealing my true self. this is not the stuff you want to read!

boys: blah! i'm trying to ween myself away from them [like they're chocolate? or something]

music: yay! monday night barcelona just completely rocked the galaxy hut. and churchbuilder [who i completely missed out on :/] danced to 'robot trouble' and it was AWESOME. like seriously. if you had to define the word 'awesome' in the dictionary it would be a picture of the churchbuilder kids doing their robot dance!

i can't believe i didn't even mention that the most incredible thing happened today. apparently, it's ladybug season and there were ladybugs all over the place outside the johnson center. christina took a picture of me liberating about 10 ladybugs. otherwise, they'd have been stomped on by frat boys + sorority sistas. ;/

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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