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"you're just a pretty boy..."

you read some books and they
broke your heart,
but you don't know,
one thing about life;
you're just a pretty boy.

-my life in art (mojave 3)

i know i said that yesterday i was giving up on all boys in the dc area. i so want to, but some of them are so fun that i can't help but crush. last night i watched small change with a crush boy. that's one of my fave films and i haven't watched it in awhile, so that was nice. afterwards, i headed the metro cafe to say hi to my friend andy from st. louis whose band played and i totally missed them. err. in any case, this morning i feel like shite. it could be because last night i drank a sour apple far far too quickly and followed that with some 'spicy fries' from pizza italiano. blah.

i was hoping that when i went to the metro cafe that this emo boy would be there. i have seen him three times now. and each time i've *almost* talked to him, but for some reason wimped out. i saw him this past thursday at the selby tigers, bratmobile, donnas show @ the black cat. i stood fairly close to him during the show and couldn't get the courage to talk to him. i was there with wayne; a friend i met off makeoutclub and he said i should just go for it.

but every time i've just 'gone for it' i just get hurt. i don't want to hurt anymore.

he's so pretty. he's just my height and he has glasses and brown hair. he just looks like an emo boy. i don't know why. he actually reminds me a little of dany, but there's something about him...that is good.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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