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"things seem so much better when they're not a part of your close surroundings..."

things seem so much better when
they're not a part of your close surroundings.
like words in a letter sent,
amplified by the distance.

-singing softly to me (kings of convenience)

kings of convenience sing so softly about these things that they certainly must be singing the truth, yet i wonder. right now the only boy i would actually consider having a relationship with lives nowhere near me. and i've been feeling distant from everything else this past week. even when i'm with my closest friends, i feel like there's this tension underneath.

i miss brad. i never felt like this when he was my best friend. right now, i've all but given up on boys romantically in the dc area. i'm just the 'friend' type to boys in this locale. and sure, that's peachy, but i long for more. so i keep buying records to console me. and sometimes it works. this week i got:

kings of convenience - quiet is the new loud cd
laptop - opening credits cd
the malarkies - andiamo
mojave 3 - excuses for travellers cd
the secret stars - genealogies cd
small factory - what to want 7"

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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