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Fri, Jan. 26th, 2001 12:37 am
leigh's dream boy unveiled

my (leigh's) dream boy:

1) loves radiohead.

2) gives good backrubs.

3) loves cheesy 80's movies (and clearly took notes on how to be like duckie dale and/or lloyd dobler).

4) has a special smile that he gives only to me.

5) must be willing to stay out all hours of the night to make-out and/or cuddle.

6) owns vinyl records. mm.

7) goes to shows with me.

8) goes dancing with me and has fun!

9) does not freak out!

10) writes me love songs and/or poems (he gets double points for singing to me).

11) makes me soup if i'm sick.

12) makes incredible mixtapes.

13) loves spooning with me [see 5.]

14) goes to diners with me at all hours of the night.

15) takes plenty of photographs of me.

16) lets me take plenty of photographs of him.

17) likes cheesy 90's/00's love movies [a la she's all that, drive me crazy, can't hardly wait, the trojan war]

18) drinks coca cola classic.

19) never drinks diet drinks.

20) doesn't smoke.

21) doesn't do drugs.

22) doesn't drink *too* much.

23) giggles.

24) likes tickling and being tickled.

25) makes me dinner once in awhile.

26) (if he wears glasses), takes his glasses off while we're kissing, cos they're all steamed up.

27) wears sweaters more than tee shirts.

28) is romantic and does romantic things.

29) holds hands with me in public.

30) loves ebay.

31) goes thrift shopping with me.

32) owns an old school video game system that has games i can beat! a la tetris, super mario brothers, sonic the hedgehog, etc.

33) has a keen fashion sense.

34) doesn't wear baseball caps.

35) loves film as much as i do.

36) will read stories back + forth with me.

37) is someone i never get sick of.

38) likes my parents.

39) really *loves* one or more of the following bands: sammy, revolver, poole, anne summers, daisyhaze.

40) goes record shopping with me all the time.

41) has lips i can't stop kissing.

42) gets down to the dismemberment plan.

43) has a radio show.

44) prefers writing letters to email.

45) sends me lovely packages including his scent.

46) owns either a pair of sauconys, chucks, or swear shoes.

47) paints my toenails.

48) gives me foot massages.

49) is neither too quiet, nor too loud.

50) loves candy [esp. charms sweet + sour pops, chuppa surprise pops, kinder eggs, fun dip, gummi frogs, luv pops, etc.]

51) loves mail order.

52) has had his work published in a 'zine before [or better yet; does a 'zine of his own].

53) must not have a lot of emotional baggage.

54) loves the movie UHF and knows it by heart.

55) takes me on road trips.

56) knows how to change a tire.

57) knows just exactly how big a part of my life music is and feels the exact same way.

58) cries less than i do.

59) cries sometimes.

60) doesn't have a lot of tattoos.

61) doesn't have a lot of piercings.

62) has big eyes [not bug eyes]!

63) takes chances by going to dirty food places with me [a la yum's + pizza italiano).

64) showers and bathes (not just showers).

65) doesn't smell like a man.

66) offers me his coat if it's cold outside.

67) owns a gameboy [and either tetris or pokemon silver, so we can trade pokemon].

68) loves thunder cats.

69) remembers the show 'pirates of darkwater' and 'the adventures of little koala'.

70) is a little bit taller than me.

71) loves sanrio characters.

72) knows the words to a few new kids on the block songs.

73) has done a website before, even if it's just cheese.

74) owns a lunchbox or two.

75) loves pez [yes. this gets its' own number. see 50 also]

76) *never* makes fun of radiohead.

77) gets along well with my friends.

78) remembers my birthday.

79) doesn't wear fur.

80) loves dogs more than cats [he can still love cats tho].

81) does origami with me.

82) collects toys.

83) takes me to the zoo. to look at the marmosets and koalas and kangaroos and lizards!

84) goes to art galleries with me.

85) loves these books: high fidelity, the perks of being a wallflower, the bell jar, girlfriend in a coma, the elephant vanishes.

86) blasts the car stereo insanely loud and sings along with me to the dismemberment plan, weezer, modest mouse, and sammy.

87) has sideburns.

88) does not have a uni-brow.

89) eats as many clementines as i do in one sitting (3-5).

90) makes me big dippers (and takes the yolk out).

91) keeps a diary.

92) has soft skin.

93) does not finger point, unless joking!

94) is entertained for hours at a time by watching movies in slow motion (namely, indiana jones + the temple of doom)

95) has teeth that are a "dentist's dream".

96) owns two or three copies of albums/7"s he really loves.

97) owns a few radiohead tee shirts.

98) will follow radiohead around with me.

99) will not turn out to be gay.

100) tries his hardest to make my dreams come true. i mean if he is my "dream boy" that one should be easy, besides...i only ask 100 things of him. :)

if you think you are a contender, you are required to immediately drop leigh a line.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.