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"i've had time to write a book about the way you act and look, but i haven't got a paragraph..."

i've had time to write a book about...
the way you act and look,
but i haven't got a paragraph...

words are always getting in my way.
anyway, i love you...
that's all i have to tell you.
that's all i've got to say.

-that's all i've got to say (america [from the last unicorn])

if i ever start a band like i've always planned to, i make it a vow that we will cover this song. the last unicorn is one of those childhood favourites for me that completely carried over into teenage years and now onto my college years. i got the soundtrack off ebay and i've been listening to it tonight. i like songs that go from really really simple to really really complex. and that song quoted above really fits into that box. soft boy voice coupled with a soft girl voice later in the song. and the words...are seriously like a junior high love poem...but they still almost always make me cry. and that's what i want; someone who will write me cheesy love songs. and eat pez with me. take long catnaps with me. and rock out to the dismemberment plan with me. i rocked out with nat tonight to the plan. she is fun. but she's not a cute indie boy that i'm pining over. le sigh.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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