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"there is the difference between what is said...and what is never said..."

after all the thinking i have been doing lately, i have decided that there is only one ex boyfriend [actually, change the word ex boyfriend to person] that i really cannot stand. and that is dany.

i gave him "all of my everythings" and he gave me nothing. but at the time that nothing felt like everything. because i needed it to feel like that nothingness morphed into somethingness. and somehow recently a few dany related things have disappeared into thin air. the notebook that we wrote back and forth in. and two horrible mixtapes he made me. i think back now to when i first listened to each tape and thought "aww. that song is sweet" but i realised how he lacked tha mixtapin' skillz to pay tha billz.

oh yea. rambly time. 03:48a this is a time i am usually talking to...someone.

btw. go visit and be sure to get the new album [a better version of me] when it comes out on tuesday. it is seriously ALL that has been on in my room today. even while i was at work. i just let it repeat over and over again. and it's *that* good.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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