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miss me/miss you

01 | kyle fischer (really, this should be caithlin de marris)- just one more day (polyvinyl)
02 | julie doiron - oh these walls (jagjaguwar)
03 | dakota suite - close enough to tears (badman)
04 | the lucksmiths - all the recipes i've ever ruined (candle)
05 | rivulets - cutter (chair kickers')
06 | carissa's wierd - low budget slow motion soundtrack song for leaving the scene (sad robot)
07 | american analog set - the wait (emperor jones)
08 | trembling blue stars - sometimes i still feel the bruise (sub pop)
09 | track star - feet first (better looking)
10 | wolf colonel - the goodbye (k)
11 | hayden - the closer i get (hardwood)
12 | all-time quarterback! - send packing (barsuk)
13 | l'altra - moth in rain (aesthetics)
14 | coastal - northern (words on music)
15 | damien jurado - intoxicated hands (secretly canadian)
16 | casiotone for the painfully alone - destroy the evidence (tomlab)
17 | january - i heard myself in you (poptones)

two mixes in one week. i'm on a roll. can you see the theme of this one? it's about missing people. i've been doing that a lot lately. i should really sts that shit. besides, i'm in the mke with miss stephanie.
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