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hello boobage (and a leigh song)!

as much as i love super furry animals, i really don't think that i needed to hear 'hello sunshine' played when summer took her shirt off and pounced on seth cowan. actually, i KNOW that i didn't need to hear it played a second time when it happened AGAIN! oh, the o.c. -- you're like my bastard stepchild...i can't help but love you.

also, psst. this is really exciting: i used to be the song stuck in your head. it's my first actual song as opposed to just a lil' song bit. i wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals and my friend jason (audio_on_canvas) made the music and then mixed my lyrics in and messed around with them. he's really good at doing that. anyways, i'm pretty proud. um. *scuffs dirt with feet*. let me know what you think.

ps. seth cowan totally just put on a record and he's gonna get it on with summer a THIRD time. well, okay, dance. TO A COVER OF OASIS' 'WONDERALL' (ooh, ryan adams).
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