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on rocketship and ex-bearded boys

has anyone else noticed something strange about the entry for rocketship - a certain smile, a certain sadness on AMG? for similar/related albums, they list THIS. seriously, just go look. it's great and insane!

speaking of rocketship, they are on this mix that i made last friday:

a mix for a former bearded boy
01 | kissing book - oh, oh, oh (magic marker)
02 | anne summers - uh huh, oh no (beatville)
03 | poole - strawberry kool-aid smile (spinART)
04 | mazarin - sicily (rocket girl)
05 | mirah - of pressure (k)
06 | wolf colonel - jet ski accidents (k)
07 | mr. scruff - blackpool roll (ninja tune)
08 | orange juice - rip it up (polydor)
09 | the push kings - macy, macy (sealed fate)
10 | ms. john soda - sometimes stop, sometimes go (morr)
11 | superheroes - let's dance (crunchy frog)
12 | broken social scene - cause = time (arts & crafts)
13 | rocketship - naomi and me (the bus stop label)
14 | palaxy tracks - to the chicago abyss (peek-a-boo)
15 | charlene - sugarblocker (shark attack)
16 | figurine - IMpossible (march)
17 | erlend oye - the athlete (astralwerks)
18 | the glands - when i laugh (velocette)
19 | matthew jay - you're always going too soon (capitol)

i think that's the first time in ages i've made a mix that had songs by two artists on the same label, but mr. jason anderson and ms. zietlyn just go together. anyways, after i had picked out the songs for the mix, i couldn't not put the songs together. i've had no feedback as of yet from ex-bearded boy on the mix. when i told him i was making someone else the saddest mix ever, he asked me for a happy mix since he'd had a bad run of things lately. WELL, this is not the happiest mix i could make, but i tried to pick bands that he might not have heard. anyways, hopefully he'll dig it. MAYBE HE'LL LISTEN TO IT IN A TIMELY MANNER (COUGHCOUGH mr. gibbard, COUGHCOUGH mr. axelson). with those darn band boys you can never tell.
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