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a wolf pack attack!

i just got an email about new happenings in jason anderson/wolf colonel world. GO EFFING D/L THESE TRACKS NOW. HE COVERS 'A BOOK LAID ON ITS BINDING' by son, ambulance with MIRAH. DUDES. LIKE, OMFG! :) he is made of love. also, the other starred one is a duet with phil elvrum who some of you might know and love from the microphones. hearts all around. these are on his new album too. WINK WINK!

PLUS, he is playing the empty bottle on March 14th WITH SON, AMBULANCE AND SCOUT NIBLETT (well, okay, i don't really care so much for her music, but S, A).

i'm sorry. i'm so excited. no, wait. i'm not sorry at all. i am EXCITED!
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