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john wilkes photobooth

eric axelson and myself, 05 feb 2004 @ schuba's

erix axelson, myself, and michael tonydanza 05 feb 2004 @ schuba's

adam whoisadam, myself, and kristen kristennn 04 feb 2004 @ smart bar (PANIC)

madflowr (12:42:23 AM): see!
madflowr (12:42:25 AM): hearts!
instaboy (12:43:19 AM): awww the ones that are cutoff look really good cutoff for some reason
instaboy (12:43:22 AM): somehow poetic
madflowr (12:43:28 AM): i know!
madflowr (12:43:30 AM): i;m so sad.
madflowr (12:43:40 AM): dude.
madflowr (12:43:46 AM): ijust thought of how i want t obe proposed to
madflowr (12:44:03 AM): the boy would write 4 cards each with a word on it
instaboy (12:44:13 AM): WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT
madflowr (12:44:14 AM): and the first would be "would" the second would be "you" etc etc.
instaboy (12:44:26 AM): because you'll never believe that I already had that idea
madflowr (12:44:33 AM): well, i think it's fate then
madflowr (12:44:36 AM): we have to get married
instaboy (12:44:50 AM): except my four words would be
instaboy (12:45:02 AM): like "leigh. marry. me. please."
madflowr (12:45:25 AM): even if the girl has a different name?
madflowr (12:45:27 AM): that's crazy
madflowr (12:45:27 AM): :)
instaboy (12:45:32 AM): haha

these past few days have been a lot of fun (even if my license is cancelled as of 02/29/04). SFA on tuesday. panic on wednesday. maritime/decibully tonight. POSSIBLY maritime tomorrow night in mke. we'll see. we'll see. honestly, i think my number one favorite thing about chicago is the sheer number of photobooths. they are EVERYWHERE. i am certain that ginny and i are going to take some this weekend. plus, i get to see the notwist sunday. that makes my weekend aces. i got awesomeness in mail form today. a lil' something from the george theycallmegah and a check from my mom just because she felt like helping out on my phonebill since we had been talking a lot lately. her bday is saturday and i bought her the damien rice album, since the song "delicate" was featured in ALIAS and we both loved it. i figured it would be a really good surprise. yay. i love surprises. what will this weekend bring?
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