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Your husband's name is paul hayden desser and you have 0 children. You're a radiohead's publicist who drives to work every day in a lemon yellow sedan.

It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with paul hayden desser in your shack in richland, wa.

soo...i played the online MASH game and the above is what i wound up with. kevin was the first boy scratched off! ben gibbard was second. jeremiah was third. :( then it was either hayden or my arch-enemy! and hayden won! that's good at least.

i *so* do not want to go to work today. last night we celebrated my mother's birthday and i got home at 9:00, started reading miss wyoming where i'd left off (only 50 pages from the end) and my eyes kept shutting, so i set my cellphone alarm to wake me up at 11:00pm. i slept right through it and at 5:00 on the dot, i woke up. i finished reading miss wyoming, went downstairs and ate half a grapefruit and a banana and read yesterday's style section of the post. then i signed on, checked email, and signed on IM. mariam said i should watch the sunrise, which i intended to do and then poof -- i missed it.

i am feeling absolutely gross now. today i was going to start exercising again, but that is *so* not going to happen today. i think there is something going on tonight, but i can't be sure. i am so out of the loop. i want to be closer to the people i love. i hate that i have to drive an hour for a good hug. and fly across the country for a good kiss.

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