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"is this why you wanted me; to watch as you walk away?"

for anyone who has ever wondered what my voice would sound like actually IN A SONG, you can now go listen HERE. an online friend of mine, jason (aka: audio_on_canvas), put this together tonight and OMG. be sure to check out some of his other stuff too. le sigh. i can't actually even believe it's my voice in the song. honestly, it sounds like something i'd put on a mixtape/mix cd. i'm beaming! go listen and let me know what you think. 2004 = the year of the leigh.

speaking of 'year of the leigh', let's talk about 'anthem of the leigh' for the year:'happy' by the wrens. stephanie really knows how to pick them. thank you darling. i just bought 'meadowlands' today and already have listened to it a number of times. beware: it's heartbreakingly uplifting...


you're the one that i want.
you're a chance to take.
you're a hard break --
and swore you'd never leave again.

you're the only one
that i ever trusted
or who ever cared at all.

is that how it's gonna be?
is this how you wanted me;
broken down again?
it's almost over now.

is this why you wanted me;
to watch as you walk away?
you kept on killing me
and you don't even want to touch me.
you don't even wanna touch me.

i was wrong.
i've wasted on.
can't figure out
what happened to us.
i won't count on
you anymore.
i'll be alright.
don't worry about me.
aren't you happy now?
you got what you want.
i wanted you,
but i'm over that now.
i'm over it.

i'm so sick of you;
what we went through.
your lies to me --
won't win again,
so don't kid yourself.
it's better this way.
it's all back to me.

- (the wrens)
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