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"i'll kiss you here in the starlight..."

"i'll kiss you here in the starlight.
i'm lost in our midnight..."

-our midnight (the maybellines)

a dangerously good mixtape for paul

side a:
take your time - the ropers
naomi & me - rocketship
pincushion - the lucksmiths
i love dolores, (heart) very much - my little brother
cable car - state river widening
julianna - superheroes
just another pop song - kissing book
champagne from a paper cup (demo) - death cab for cutie
tell you again - julie doiron
april and may - eggstone
red flume - seely
something - longwave
sleep, star - secret stars
le premier bonheur du jour - os mutantes
sunday afternoon - club 8
sad - juicy
sad mud song - heavy vegetable

side b:
we are not promote - hood
you are all i have - hayden
carry me away - revolver
road movie - adorable
do people ever? - trembling blue stars
trick mammoth - sammy
our midnight - the maybellines
macy, macy - the push kings
don't smooch - baxendale
fixed on the one - jejune
get out of the city - ivy
el mundo es un panuelo - la buena vida
chupacabras - super furry animals
magic boots - clinic
dimes make dollars - lilys
a reminder - radiohead

this mixtape is the one i made for paul. i think that both of us think too much when all we should be doing is having a nice time. dancing in public. and saving the hugging + soft kisses for private. and we blow warm breaths on each other's cold hands on the drive home. and it feels just right. but so fragile.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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