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"i want to be delivered"

mm. there is only one boy i'd like to be delivered to right now. dekalb is only 19 hours away on a greyhound and a whole lot less by plane. but a whole lot more money. as it is, my package took almost 4 days to get there, even though i sent it priority. ;/ maybe i could just pack myself in a box and get delivered to his door [and arms].

there is so much to be done, but i'd rather just talk to him. and think about the day when we'll finally meet. i made him the best mixtape that i've ever made. imho. he's worth it. i'm sure that it won't be long 'til i start #2. the last two boys i was with, i didn't make mixtapes for. i think it's a good sign that i've already made one for *him* and we haven't even met.

*sigh* karyn's working in d.c. now and she finally got a place. last night les(lie), karyn, and i went to ruby tuesday's and i got a portobello mushroom sandwich. mmm. so delicious. i also got a midori sour. i think it's the best drink i've had so far. les + k. said i was tipsy at wal-mart, but i don't believe them. mm. right now i am so tired, but it's a good tired. and right now i wish i was in his arms.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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