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"we were members of the makeoutclub. ba ba ba baa baa ba."

thank you andrew kissing book for the current song stuck in my head. i must say that my favourite website of the moment is makeoutclub 1) there's a really cute girl there. #66. hehe. and 2) two completely wonderfuls boys that i adore are helping out. these two boys are tyson and douglas. tyson also has his own lovely page at and douglas' page is about to get re-done[says he] and it's completely lovely. ages ago i swooned over his design skillz. and today, i still swoon. do you want to swoon? check out this boy is seriously one of the most swell boys in the world. cute, sweet, impeccable taste in music, computer nerd, glasses sometimes.etc. just an incredible boy. who lives in the faraway land that is illinois.

and here i am right now staying in long island, at karyn's house. in the guestroom. we just got in from a long day. that started at 3pm when we woke up. and today is the insound zinefest. we shall see how it goes. i am so tired. but i like staying up late and talking...

at around this time on this day in 1997, i was waking up and preparing for what was the best day of my life. radiohead at the 9:30 club. i keep hoping for a day as incredible as that. and i think that because i keep hoping upon hope that something that incredible will happen...that it won't. maybe i should just stop thinking about things entirely. "my brain is slush. i'm feeling s-p-e-n-t." thepushkings. i have decided that more bands should have songs where they spell out words. s-p-e-n-t. that's lovely. i think it's sleepy/sleepee time. g'nite.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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