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"the telephone can't bring you here..."

"tonight you're standing on the edge
in hopeless tears that only i can hear
the telephone can't bring you here..."

-polichinelle (the prayer boat)

today ticked by slowly. the first three days temping at ncmec went pretty well. for once i actually feel like i'm doing something good [even if it is only on a temporary basis]. it feels pretty nice actually. they asked me if i'd be interested in the position and i turned them down since i'm going back to school this summer. sigh. i really like working in old town alexandria tho. today was a gorgeous day. i even wore a sleeveless shirt. i actually felt kind of like dominique swain in the movie intern, when she was happy and in love and the weather was gorgeous. well except for the whole being happy and being in love part. everyone should see intern, 'cos it is hilarious! unlike dominique's recent 'the smokers', which absolutely sucked.

last night i went to see 'kissing jessica stein' with jen. it was alright; very cliched at times, but it was sweet enough. i was thinking about it today tho and there are a lot of parts of the movie i was let down by. plus there were a lot of jumps in plot that made the movie lose its' flow. that is super annoying! anyways, it was okay. 2.5/5 star shapes.

tonight i watched 'absolute beginners', which i'd never seen. it was out of control. i was thinking that david bowie looks like an alien too. but not in the josh hartnett kind of way. more like the sexyskeezalicious alien sort of way. anyways, he was good. i think there should be more musicals in general. i love watching old musicals because even if the plot sucks the dancing is fun to watch. heck, i'd like to make a musical. i'd like to do a lot of things. tonight i watched 'serendipity' with dan [and then we watched the deleted scenes]. i love love love that movie. i know it's mushy and all, but tonight was the 4th time i've watched it. i am a sap. a sadsappysucker.

which is why i was so happy to come home and find that some cds i bought off had arrived. yay!

* the prayer boat - polichinelle
* joe christmas - upstairs, overlooking

cute story behind polichinelle. in the fall i listened to msn radio's indie station a lot and i'd jot down fave songs and bands. they had it listed wrong on msn so i thought the name of the band was polichinelle. i searched for info on the band and found *nothing*. just recently when i cleaned out my file folder i found the index card that i'd jotted my faves down on. it's amazing how many of those bands i researched and bought stuff by; like retardedly so. anyhow, when i found the piece of paper the first thing i did was do another search on polichinelle and found out the band was called the prayer boat. i'd been searching for so long for the album and i got it off too bad i'd alread bid on a copy on ebay. so i'll have two copies. oh well. not like i haven't done that [cough] before.

completely unrelated, but *EXTREMELY* important:
does anyone remembers a kid's movie where a girl falls down a well and is in a colourful land and there are huge ovens baking huge loaves of bread? it may even be a tee vee show i watched a lot when i was a kid. it was definitely a cartoon and it was definitely not alice in wonderland. it must have been the early to mid 80's since i remember watching it around the same time i was watching 'the 5,000 fingers of dr. terwilicker' [erm sp?], 'the peanut butter solution', 'the last unicorn' 'hans christian andersen's the little mermaid' and 'dot & the kangaroo'. does this ring any bells? seriously. i have been trying to figure out what movie this is for AGES. i even posted on kid movie msg boards asking if anyone remembered it. no one did. did my mom smoke crack while pregnant? is this just a memory that i made up? help.

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