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radiohead land

radiohead have been the one constant thing in my life since late 1995. bradley got girlfriends and left for bits of those five+ years. i hadn't met laini or nancy yet. and boyfriend-wise, i have kissed way too many since i entered radiohead land: chris/sean/mike/patrick/bob/bruce/martin/victor/dany/

and i think that chris was the reason i really started *listening* to radiohead. i had 'pablo honey'. i had liked the song 'creep' a whole lot. it was the only song i had listened to off the album. but when 'the bends' came out, i immediately latched onto it and made it mine. it became the soundtrack to my life. pulling me apart and putting me back together all at once. the song "black star" really and truly changed me as a person i believe. it was the first song that i connected with, on all possible levels.

and i took it pretty hard when i found out what a louse that boy chris was. and radiohead helped me get through. they've always been there; lurking in the shadows, like a close friend. if anything happened to me that i couldn't handle alone, they crept out and patted me on the back, even if i hadn't listened to them in a good bit. they're what i always fall back on, no matter what.

my love for music has jumped all over the place through these years. i had a brief affinity for ska for some months, then i realised it just wasn't interesting anymore to me. i have met friends through radiohead mailing lists/chats/or just by wearing a radiohead tee shirt. my life would not be the same without this band. and i am completely amazed at what they have done throughout the years.

i went to see romeo & juliet in the theatre 3 times. each time i'd stay and listen to "exit music (for a film)" and i'd make whoever i was with stay. there is no band who could have written a song as perfect as exit music was for the closing credits. that is what i love about radiohead. every song that they write touches me in a way that nothing else can and "nothing touches me, man". hee.

even though 'ok computer' doesn't hold the same personal feel for me as 'the bends' does, it takes me to higher levels. i appreciate it just as much as i do 'the bends' but in a completely different way. i can gush and gush about this band, but it's all completely justified. so many people say they love bands and gush gush gush about them, but i can't see how the band has made them a better person, or made them enjoy life more. i can see this with radiohead fans and radiohead fans alone. and you can tell who is really really serious about it. and those who aren't so serious. there's no fine line between the two. there's a cliff separating the two types of radiohead fans. no matter how big they get or how much fame and fortune they accrue, i know that they'll be there for me, no matter what.

all this talk of the new album leaves me tingly. for radiohead i have both skipped classes and depleted my bank account. when they tour the states, i already know i'm going to follow [them] around. and i know i should start saving today. the new album [at this point in time] is supposed to have the following 11 tracks on it: Optimistic, The National Anthem, How to Disappear, In Limbo, Morning Bell, Idioteque, Kid A, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Knives Out, Egyptian Song, Everything In Its Right Place. I have heard 5 out of these 11 so far, and i'm certain i will hear more very shortly. i have such love for this band and i can't wait. i feel very much like i'm waiting for a good friend i haven't seen in awhile to come knocking on my door. and when that time comes, i'll swing the door open and welcome that friend with a loving embrace. i can't wait for the knock.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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