she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

mixtapes are my release

i love waking up late in the summer. i dream the mornings away. they always seem so boring to me anyways, so it doesn't feel like a loss. last night i had a dream that i was in a supermarket and my favourite type of apple juice was on sale 2 for $1. martinelli's. mm. then my mom banged on my door yelling about it being 1:30 in the afternoon. yesterday i woke up late too. and the day before that as well. my bones ache less with every hour of sleep i get. i told my mom today that i wanted to be a bassist/singer. she said something like, "i've never heard you sing before." but i sing a lot. in the shower. in my car. in my room. i lip sync when i am at shows, cos i think it's really annoying when people sing along, especially when it's loud. one of my exes (mentioned in previous entries) sang along to songs by almost every band we saw. and he'd sort of mumble along nothingness when he didn't know some words. i found it completely annoying and sad at the same time. i guess i'm glad we've both moved on. i think i didn't let on some of the really annoying things that he did. maybe i should have. maybe that would have been healthy. now i just make mixtapes to deal if something bad's happening.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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