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an open letter to whom it may concern:

today has been a day of deleting. lj friends. a few friendster friends. phone numbers. etc. this is a new year and i'm trying to start it off as best i know how. a lot of that involves starting over. in a couple of cases, my deleting you off my friends list was personal. in other (see: most) cases, i just felt as though neither of us has made contact with the other in quite some time (or i've tried to keep in touch with you with no response) or that we just don't have a lot of commonalities between us. either way, if you're actually upset about it then please contact me, as the lack of contact is the main reason for most of the deleting. if you're not upset, i hope that everything works out well for you and that you have a good life and fulfill any goals that you may have. you're all nice people and all.
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