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to the crafty kids...to the nerdy kids... - tell me tell me tell me you'll miss miss miss me — LiveJournal
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Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 11:11 am
to the crafty kids...to the nerdy kids...

what sort of sewing machine should i get? my heart is kind of set on a vintage singer machine, but i could be swayed if there is a really easy to use machine. there's a singer store right by my house in chi and the old ones all look so pretty in the window. basically, i'm going to try and get crafty in 2004 and re-learn silk screening and modifying old clothing with add-ons. i guess the sewing machine should be heavy duty enough to stitch on denim. hm.

and now the polar opposite of sewing: computer! really. what do i do about it? i would really like a laptop that i would be able to do all my normal nerd things (e-mail, im, photoshop) as well as record/edit music with. sometime in the future i'd like to be able to edit videos on this computer, but that is the one problem with getting a laptop -- they're less customizable down the line. also, i keep going back and forth on mac vs. pc. seriously. currently battling it out: mac powerbook g4 vs. sony vaio vs. some sort of dell. ALSO, there is the option of getting jason, adam's roommate to help me put together some sort of a super desktop, since he did it himself and let me tell you, that machine is sweet! thoughts?

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Katie Lane like the Song
Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 08:47 am (UTC)

i just got an ibook g4 and it's really awesome. i do need something new to make graphics and stuff with but i should be able to find something. it comes with imovie and stuff. it's just really cool and fast and easy to use and stuff. so yeah! and the powerbooks are even nicer so that should be good.

Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 09:06 am (UTC)
singer- NO!

Vintage singers *are* totally cute, but unless you've got it from a reputable sewing and vac repair place (one of which would NOT be arlington sew and van on columbia pike. good god. don't go there.) don't do it. seriously. don't.
i mean, there are concessions, i've worked with a great vintave pfaff that was a work horse, but it couldn't do everything i wanted it to do.
right now, sears of all people make the best sewing machine with their kenmore. they're less prone to breaking because they're not 100% plastic (as all of the new singers are) and sears is ridiculously good with their warranty policies.
that said, if you have the cash (like, 700-1000 clams) the bernina...um, i think it's the 1100, maybe? can't be beat. it's easy, it's durable, it's not a pain in the ass to tote and it's almost idiot proof. also, most run of the mill fabric stores, (joanne's, g st, hancock) will service bernina's. if you need a kenmore serviced, you might need to take it back to a sears (if under warranty).
in a nut shell look for:
(used) THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. good moving action. not gunky inside from the oil (there should be some, but it shouldn't be gummy) check the cords in good shape. and a variety of feet. make sure it has a little bit of heft. if it's so light and airy, it's hard to control as it vibrates away mid-pillow sham.

good luck!
beth b.

Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 12:46 pm (UTC)
Re: singer- NO!

I took my old sewing machine (and old old Sears Kenmore which once belonged to my grandmother) to that arlington sew/vac place on columbia pike and they were great about fixing it and making it work (after all the moves I'd been through when I got to VA, it wasn't very happy), and the guy let me borrow one of his old instruction manuals to photocopy so I could figure out what some of the odd bells & whistles were. I had an incredibly positive experience there, but, y'know, not every store is the same for every person.

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Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 01:58 pm (UTC)
Re: singer- NO!

i stopped going there about 5 years ago because the repairs we needed were never really 100% repaired. and the shop i work in moved out to maryland.
but i'm glad to hear that other people have had good experiences. there aren't a whole lot of repair men (women/people blah blah blah) anymore

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Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 10:58 am (UTC)

I had a friend help me build my own computer last year and I love it. I dont know much about laptops though so I cant say which would be better. Though if you could record and edit music and video on your computer AND carry it around everywhere that would be awesome. I just dont know if there are limitations that the laptop has in doing those things. Like i know if you wanted to capture video on your computer you would need a special card. And if you wanted to record audio through anything other than the 1/8" audio jack (Im not an audio guru so I dont know exactly what sound quality loss would be) on your standard sound card you would also need something else. Basically if you're going to need different cards to go with your computer to do this stuff it would probably be easier to install and even upgrade later with a desktop but if you can get a laptop that does it all that would be totally sweet.

Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 03:35 pm (UTC)

i'm not sure by what you mean is a vintage sewing machine (plastic or metal?), but i wouldnt recommend getting one unless its in very good condition and its not entirely too old (less than 30 years). if you ever see them, an industrial sewing machine is much sturdier and can last longer (my mum + i use one thats about 15 years old) but they're not portable cute things. as for newer machines, the ladies at all the shops i've been to have said that brother and husqvarna are the best - brother for its price/ease of use/variety of features and husqvarna because of its quality of output.

Sun, Jan. 4th, 2004 12:33 pm (UTC)

hmmmmm. i just got a kenmore sewing machine, about $70 at Sears... baby blue and does all of the standard stuff, plus a few decorative stitches and will sew denim... just got it yesterday, so i haven't even used it yet!