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to the crafty the nerdy kids...

what sort of sewing machine should i get? my heart is kind of set on a vintage singer machine, but i could be swayed if there is a really easy to use machine. there's a singer store right by my house in chi and the old ones all look so pretty in the window. basically, i'm going to try and get crafty in 2004 and re-learn silk screening and modifying old clothing with add-ons. i guess the sewing machine should be heavy duty enough to stitch on denim. hm.

and now the polar opposite of sewing: computer! really. what do i do about it? i would really like a laptop that i would be able to do all my normal nerd things (e-mail, im, photoshop) as well as record/edit music with. sometime in the future i'd like to be able to edit videos on this computer, but that is the one problem with getting a laptop -- they're less customizable down the line. also, i keep going back and forth on mac vs. pc. seriously. currently battling it out: mac powerbook g4 vs. sony vaio vs. some sort of dell. ALSO, there is the option of getting jason, adam's roommate to help me put together some sort of a super desktop, since he did it himself and let me tell you, that machine is sweet! thoughts?
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