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some explanations as to why i haven't been around

wednesday i started walking dogs for pet care plus (petcp . com), which is totally crazy and fun, though i'm not sure it is going to pay the bills. also, through one of my two temp agencies, i started temping a couple of hours on mondays as a personal assistant to a woman who owns a small business consulting company. the same temp agency that found me that also set me up with working at a conference for 4 hours on thursday night, immediately after i was done walking dogs (ie. changing clothing in the car while in D4). the second temp agency i interviewed hasn't found me anything yet, so that's why i've gone with dog walking combined with odd temp jobs for now.

with all these things going on in addition to a few other unmentionables, i had a really rough week and i've really hit rock bottom financially.

i don't have a computer (yet), so i don't check my email all that often and right now my mason mail acct is forking down. once i do get a computer, i'm still not sure how often i'll be able to check e-mail/lj comments, since i don't have a phone line/$ for a DSL connection, which brings us to the next order of business...

you know...there's this thing called a phone. the sha-sha-sha-shaw society (R.I.P.) used to curse boys for not being able to dial one and now they've fallen victim to this themselves. just so you know, i'm still waiting. i come home on the 20th, which is actually one day less than 2 weeks, people.

tonight i'll be djing the file 13 holiday party @ rock-a-tiki from either 1:00a - 2:00a or 1:30a - 2:00a, so if you happen to be around tonight, that's where i'll be.

also, does anyone have a sony vaio notebook? good/bad? do tell. i think that is what i might end up with in the end, but i'd like some opinions, please.

also, if you wanted to see photos from a few weeks back when the ladiez were visiting, check out jennee's photos: here. you'll also see one of my roommate's dog, sugar.

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