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transmission from the missionary position (whaaaat?)

firstly, i would like to say OMG, come down are really making waves. they are touring england in january and holy hell, they are touring on THIS. WHOA! i am so proud of them. they are so awesome. gah. anyways, if you'll be in the UK, check them out. they're playing 7 dates or so that should be confirmed any day now.

this weekend i saw tom jones three times doing a promotion for the street syndicate. seriously, i have seen enough tom jones for two lifetimes. AMAZINGLY, it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to go with me, but i really needed a second person to help me distribute postcards, so i did a whole lot of begging...interestingly enough to internet friends(ters). i wound up meeting three new people, which was awesome because all of them were so nice and friendly. on friday night i went with sharlene, a girl who emailed me off moc. saturday night i went with laura sara, a friend of both adam whoisadam and jenny hellojenny. sunday night i went with gayle, a friend of pam anne_asta. anyways, it was actually fun. the most fun i've had in weeks was at the morr music showcase at the empty bottle though, after tom jones. MS. JOHN SODA was just tops. seriously, like, the best show i'd seen in a long while. okay, well, maybe since jv/beulah, but still pretty effing good.

i don't think i even mentioned it but a week or so ago, some ladies from all over the country visited, including: tasha burningblack, jennee weelassjen and her friend giselle (who is *gasp* not an LJer), and from the state that is for lovers, ginny vesica. it was really good hanging with this really nice group of ladies (and man, since adam was our tour guide) even if i didn't make it to the shows that were taking place. PLUS, ginny says she wants to move here and that would be the bee's knees. we've even talked of starting a band (!).

as of my last update i was still lusting for: a job and friendship. i think i'm doing a lot better meeting people now and i'm working on the whole job thing: i had my first job (whoo, 4 hours) temping with one agency last friday and yesterday i had an interview with another temp agency. i am running out of money though, since I BUY RECORDS LIKE THEY ARE BEING DISCONTINUED? i am SO EXCITED to see alison yersopretty tomorrow. alex is great peeps and i'm trying to convince him to move here! he's choosing between NYC and CHI. i think we all know where he really should be moving. COUGH COUGH.

i spent $13.58 in a crappy internet cafe yesterday (because i needed to print things). i saw elf last night with eric and alex gardenhead (who is visiting through friday). tonight, i don't know what we are going to see. i saw a band called the mosquitos, who i had confused with the mosquitoes (ex-#poundsign#), but that was alright since i got to meet liz girlvii, who i was internet-introduced to by mr. joseph loisboy.

anyhow, this is far too rambly even for me and yeah, i didn't start my novel yet. GO FAILURE! i might try to do it at another point in time though, so i'm not deleting my writing journal YET. alex and i are off to joy yee's, then shopping at cub foods, and then i'll be doing a lot of cooking. xo.

ps1. i have 5 messages on my voicemail. how did that happen?

ps2. tomorrow is thanksgiving. if i haven't heard from you in ages (you know who you are), call me. seriously. sts that shit right now. "if you miss me, drop me a line". oh r|m, no one says it better.

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