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lack of communication

doot doot doot. howdy kids. i've been sort of unable to check lj or email until today, since eric is in louisiana at a conference, and then at all tomorrow's parties (*sob*), so i don't have access to his lovely lab at his school for a week more or so. erk. anyhow, i got a callback. ooh, yay. actually, today i got a callback for an interview from a temp agency too, so i got a total of two callbacks and one reply email back from the 50-55 resumes/applications i have filled out. go me!

things are quite good otherwise. halloween was fun. i ended up going as a stewardess who'd had a bad day. yeah. i got to see adam whoisadam yesterday, so that was nice! i've met a few more kids. celeste clstrnica and maria have been super nice and have set up a computer to let me work on in their basement, which is just tops, however i have not started the novel yet even. oops! i've been watching a lot (and i do mean A LOT) of bad daytime television this week. tomorrow is the day i am actually going out and conquering (in a leigh way at least). mm. anyways, i just wanted to update and say that i am doing alright. the best news all week: alex gardenhead and alison yersopretty are coming to visit for THANKSGIVING! i was sort of afraid of getting real homesick around thanksgiving even though my roomie and i were going to have it here. ahh bringing dc kids here. yay me!

anyways, i'm not really sure how often i'll be checking email/lj, so call me (preferably after 9pm).
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