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friendy mc friendsters + nanowrimo + wedding receptions

i just want to say that i am overwhelmed at the number of ppl close to my heart who are trying to come see me in the next month's time. seriously, kids, you are the best! this is kind of relevant to that subject. two of my favorite girls got LJs and *gasp*...have been WRITING in them! alison yersopretty and kathleen babydkj, it is EXCELLENT having you aboard. these ladies are top shelf. no seriously. pass the courvoisier!

speaking of writing...make sure you've signed up if you're going to participate in national novel writing month this year. it starts on saturday! i've actually started another journal (somuchcloser) to document my progress. i'll make it look all pretty pretty tomorrow. if you'd like to follow my progress, add me as a friend and i'll add you back if i'm comfortable with you reading it. it will be a strictly friends only journal. anyhow, i'm excited. i think i might go to the brainstorming meeting here in chicago.

i applied at kinko's last week. i applied at best buy yesterday. today i applied at a couple more temp agencies and another dog walking place. out of the 30 or so resumes/applications i've filled out so far, i've only received one reply and it was like, "you're so great. we loved your resume, but we decided to go with someone else. we'll keep your resume on file though." it kind of felt like when you like someone and you tell them and they say, "you're so great, but i just don't feel that we should date. let's just be friends."

i'm kind of REALLY freaked out. did i mention i'm not going to all tomorrow's parties (L.A.) anymore because i am that close to being broke that i can't afford a plane ticket? if anyone owns a small jet airplane and wants to come get me in chicago and take me to ATP, feel free. i make killer mixtapes.

this weekend i went to a wedding reception with eric. it was surreal. i'll talk more about that later though. i've been here at eric's office for exactly 12 hours straight. time to leave and put together my ikea billy bookcase that is going to house most of my compact discs.
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