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random facts pulled from the last 2 weeks


i saw the books first live show ever and it was the best!
i ate corn on the cob as part of my breakfast today.
i bought a couch last night (klippan + turquoise cover).
i bought something that *might* hold most of my cds.
i have received some mighty rad packages (see: george theycallmegah + alex gardenhead) and postcards (kristina dreamallday, kevin popscene, and even shh.. symptom!
i got to see nancy and i made some magnetic poetry on her and max's refrigerator!
i am getting a new computer soon (possibly a mac powerbook even).
i have been cooking a lot more here.
i saw decibully the other night.
eric just did a funny little song and dance that japanese school children do to learn the body parts.
i bought a lot of great albums lately.
ever since playing tambourine with metropolitan during 'wet cigarette' at make-out party (see: here), i've been aching to start a band.
i am going to do national novel writing month this year without fail.


i have not been able to find a job yet.
i spent money that i barely have on the aforementioned items.
i miss my friends muchly.
i miss my family and puppy.
i've only met a few new people so far.
the new HSR sbemail is not loading on this computer. UNGH.
those crazy japanese beetles (ladybug imposters) are everywhere.
i really shouldn't be spending money on music/shows, but i am.
i'm still harboring bitterness.
i have been feeling really, really fat lately, so i went running with eric on the lake 3 days, but then i got really sick.
my mcsweeneys subscription ran out (hint, hint?)


i see hipsters at the post office.
i see hipsters at the super market.

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